Save billions of plastic bottles from the landfill

The average person uses 10 plastic shampoo & conditioner bottles each year. That means every year 3 Billion hair care bottles hit the landfill in North America.

Salon Quality / Clean Ingredients

Vegan / PH balanced / Salon Grade /  Last 50+ washes.

Free from SLS, Phthalates and Parabens.

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Made in Canada

We make our products, right here in British Columbia, Canada!

Even our boxes and travel cases, that could be made at a fraction of the price overseas, are made from small local companies in Canada.

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Great ingredients

Our prodcuts are made with the GOOD stuff!! No SLS, parabens, phthalates or formaldehyde.....

With botanical extracts, herbal infused oils, and pH balancing for healthy strong hair (and skin)!

Kiss oily roots Goodbye with our Dry Shampoo

Extend your wash days, add volume or texture while styling, and refresh your roots when you're on the go! Our Dry Shampoo is SO versatile and stylists are raving about how to use it!! Give it a try and skip the aerosol/butane nonsense with our CLEAN shaker-style compostable packaging!

Promotes a healthy scalp from botanical powders like marshamallow root, ginseng, and ashwaghanda powder.

(Available in Light hair and Dark hair formulas)

Talc and Silica free!

Compostable Personal Care

High Quality - Low Impact

100% Recycled Plastic Travel Case

Using what you already have is a pillar in living a more zero waste lifestyle. We found a creative solution to divert existing plastic in our system by creating our travel case and soap dish out of 100% recycled Canadian plastic.