We're not just a company......

Heyyyyy. We're Jaye + Ali!! Sisters and best friends from the Okanagan; and for the past 10 years we've been creating natural products that REALLY work.  (Along with quite a few other pretty amazing adventures).

We've put a lot of work into our formulations and really understand the science behind proper hair + body care. We carefully curate each product with a lot of intention and love and we hope you can feel it! Our hands on approach to the ingredient sourcing and formulations allows us to create products we're aligned with, and stand behind.  

We also have two, amazing, soul family Women that work with us so we're able to wrangle all the ins and outs of running operations and our lives. These babes are the beez knees and crush it for us making sure our products are always in stock, infused with intention and energy, and made with love!! You're getting much more than just a high quality product, made with INTEGRITY and Intention that's for sure ;)


How to

Bottleless shampoo is easier than you think!