Where are your products manufactured?

We manufacture our products in house in Coldstream, BC.  Our recycled containers are all manufactured locally as well.  Some lifestyle products like the silicone scalp massager are manufactured overseas.

I've used shampoo bars before and they didn't work for me, how are yours different?

It's likely you were using a cold pressed soap bar.  If the ingredients say something like "saponified olive oil" or "sodium olivate" you have a cold pressed soap.  Cold pressed soap is GREAT for the body and for laundry.  It's made by mixing a fat (like olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter etc) with water and lye.  This results in a product that's really high in PH and can also leave a thick build up in the hair.  You need to look for a shampoo bar that uses a mild surfactant for it to be effective.

PRO tip: shampoo twice! especially if you use aftercare or styling products. 

Are all surfactants the same?

No!  There are some great ones and some not so great ones. Watch out for SLS and sulfates.  There are even ingredients out there that hides SLS.  Sodium Coco Sulfate is an example.  I am not as good at explaining it as these folks, so check out this article here if you want to learn more:


Are your bars PH Balanced and why is that important?

Yes, our bars are PH balanced to 4.5-5.5 making them salon grade. When the PH is higher than this it blows the cuticle open, causing the natural oils and shine to escape, causing split ends and damage over time.  Also properly balancing the pH levels makes your color last longer! 

Watch out for bars with SCS (sodium cocoa sulfate).  They have little white spots throughout and those "prills" are a PH of 9.  They might be able to balance the area around, but your hair will still be hit with pieces of PH 9. 

Do your products work for color treated hair?

Absolutely!  Our products don't contain any harsh sulfates that damage coloured hair. It is also PH balanced to keep the cuticle closed, keeping the colour in!  If you have used red pigment in your hair my recommendation would be just to not use the beBRIGHT bar (it has lemon essential oil which can brighten)

Do your products work on extensions? 

Absolutely! We don't have any harsh surfactants that degrade glues or extensions.  Our cold-pressed soap free formula won't cause build up.

How long do your shampoo and conditioner bars last?

50+ washes depending on how long your hair is and how well you store them.

Storage tips:

  • let drain and dry on a soap dish after each use
  • store in open air (away from the water) and not the travel cases to maximize curing
  • stack the end bits of the bars together to get a bonus bar!

Do you wholesale?

You bet we do! We offer great margins, low minimums and free shipping.

To create a wholesale account just click the wholesale link and make a new account from there.  **if you are PST exempt please include your PST number in your account application and send us an email to confirm so we can change your tax settings on the back end.

Want to order smaller amounts? No problem! We have partnered with Nelson Naturals and Koru Distribution to offer our products alongside their offerings giving you the flexibility to order in smaller quantities.